About Sam Martey:

A few years after my  high school graduation, but prior to gaining admission to the university of Ghana,  Jesus, the saviour of the world, met me,  delivered me from sin and Graciously handed me eternal life;  and life has never been the same again! Before then I wasn’t a music enthusiast. During my elementary and high school days, I would do anything to avoid the weekly singing practice, and the music instructors found it tough handling me.

The La Christian Fellowship in Accra, Ghana, where I was groomed in the Christian faith opened a new door of opportunity for singing to me, as I was encouraged to join the choir within the fellowship by the then leader of the group. My interest in music has been soaring since then;  and this project started more than 12 years ago, when I composed a song during a personal devotional time, that I believed I would share with the world one day. Over the years songs were handed down to me whilst I meditated on the word of God on a regular basis. Today I have quite a number of songs to share, and

Glory be to God!